Lash Consultation-

Please book a lash consultation at least 48 hours prior to your first treatment. At Cloud Nine we offer a wide variety of different styles of lashes. During this consultation we will go through all the different types of lashes we have available and what would suit you best..

Lash Inserts-

Forget the mascara, try our semi permanent eyelash extensions. Add length, volume and curl, perfect for holidays and special occasions. Usually last 2-4wks.

1hour                                                       £30

Touch Ups

If you happen to lose any lashes let us fill in the gaps.

£5 – £10

Soak Off

Gently and quickly removes any old lashes and any traces of glue.

30 mins                     ��   ��     ��                      £12

Strip Lashes

Whether you have a special occasion or just want to look extra glam for a night on the town we will pick the perfect set of lashes from our vast selection and apply them for you.

£6 – £8 (Professional lashes are available to buy if you prefer to apply them yourself)

Single Eyelash Extensions-

These eyelash extensions will naturally enhance the beauty of your own eyes. Everyone will notice but no one will know! Individual strands that are shaped to mimic the natural human eyelash. They are bonded to the existing lashes one by one to create noticeable extra length and volume. When applied correctly and using our premium quality products a set of lash extensions can last up to 2 months incorporated with a regular maintenance programme. With a wide selection of sizes, colours and thicknesses available it is now possible to create unique and stunning designs giving you longer, fuller, gorgeous lashes that can look as natural or as glamorous as you wish…

Natural look- £45

Drama Mascara Lashes- £50

Fashion Lashes- £ …why not add a bit of colour to your lashes. We have every colour in the rainbow to choose from.

Party Lashes- £ …you may even create your own design with feathers, diamantes, jewels….

Lash Infills

These are recommended every 2-4 weeks

From- £25…

Dolly LVL Lashes

The number one alternative to semi permanent eyelash extensions. This treatment adds Length, Volume and lifts your own natural lashes making them look longer, darker, fuller and curlier.  Lasts 4-8 weeks.

1hour     ����                             ��             ��     ����        £30

Grow the “Lashes of Your Dreams”

No more short, thinning or missing eyelashes. Now a stunning, new patented eyelash technology. Grow longer, fuller and darker lashes in just 2-4 weeks! Must be applied every night. Works for eyebrows too.