Comfort Zone


A unique treatment designed specifically to hydrate and improve moisture levels in the skin. A special ingredient trehalose, taken from a desert plant works to dramatically increase moisture, whilst hibiscus and honey leave your skin feeling like silk.

60mins £43


Give your skin a boost with this refreshing treatment packed full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. Anti-oxidants work by neutralising free radicals, which can destroy the skin’s natural collagen and elastin. Nourishing cloudberry and canola oil also revive a dull, tired complexion.

60mins £43


A deep cleansing treatment, perfect for oily and problematical skin types. Gentle fruit acids exfoliate while extracts of sage, balm mint and orange fruit water deeply cleanse and leave the skin feeling fresh and restored.

60mins £43


This facial is specifically designed to rebalance and strengthen sensitive skins. This treatment not only cools, calms and reduces any irritation but also helps build the skin’s resilience to harsh environments.

60mins £43

Rejuvenate – advanced anti-oxidant and exfoliation treatment

This treatment effectively improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and superficial acne scars. An innovative synergy of fruit acids, vitamin C and a selection of active ingredients work together by delicately and effectively renewing the skin. Your skin will look and feel exceptionally smooth.

30mins £55

Glorious skin

This treatment gives an immediate lifting and tensing effect. It incorporates the ingredient hexapeptide which works as a muscle inhibitor. This treatment is excellent for special occasions and will give ongoing lifting and firming effects, especially when used in conjunction with a special homecare programme.

75mins £55

Eye supreme* – anti-ageing

This intensive treatment works on rejuvenating the delicate area around the eyes. Natural ingredients combined with peptide technology work to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, moisture and hydration are restored while an innovative hydrogel mask will bring relief from stress and fatigue.

45mins £28

*eye supreme can be combined with any of these treatments for £22 extra.